DeBresser Wintrip Inc. was founded by us, two colleagues who always shared the same philosophy about how to practice in the area of financial dispute resolution. We practiced together early on, and then took separate paths where we gained expertise in different areas.. We have built a firm with varied talent and staff to ensure that we have a firm that is “right-sized” and full-service, one that successfuly serve clients in all major areas of financial dispute resolution. We did not want to be pigeon-holed as just a “matrimonial shop” or just a “damages shop” or just a “personal injury shop”. We cover all the bases here, and we believe our clients benefit from this breadth of practice.

While we were each plying our trades before founding the firm, our philosophy about how to practice of never wavered. We believe in timely and expeditious resolutions when it is possible, but not at the expense of our client. We believe that the resolution of cases should be treated as business decisions, and that the cost-benefit of desired outcomes must always be at the forefront. We give advice as if the case were our own. Of course, we charge an hourly rate for each hour that we spend, because that is our business. However, making significant contributions to timely and expeditious resolutions is how we “roll”, and achieving that resolutions is our greatest reward. A very wise man once said: “You can settle 90% of all financial disputes in an afternoon, if you have two good legal advisors, two good financial experts and two reasonable clients.” We are proud do our part as financial experts, and we work best with legal advisors and clients who share this philosophy.

When a resolution is not possible, we will provide a neutral and independent opinion when we are instructed to do so.We will express it clearly and concisely, and we will stand behind it and support it so that a decision can be rendered. This is always a last resort, but we don’t take this responsibility lightly. We proceed on every case, from the moment the file is opened until it is sent to storage, under the assumption that we will need to support our opinion in Court. This is why we are consistently consulted and retained by top legal advisors in the field of financial dispute resolution.