Matrimonial disputes are emotional affairs, and because of that, it is often difficult for clients to separate emotions from practicality.  Our experts deal with the financial implications that result from the dissolution of a marriage, and they treat those implications for what they are: business decisions.

Our experts have experience with the following:

  • Net Family Property calculations (sometimes requiring a business valuation if one spouse has an interest in a private business).
  • Property issues related to senior executive employees, including employee stock options and restricted shares fair value determinations.
  • Calculation of contingent income taxes related to assets that are subject to division.
  • Income determination for both Child Support and Spousal Support purposes.
  • Forensic accounting unique to matrimonial disputes including correcting misstated financial statements within the context of a business valuation or income determination, locating hidden assets, determining extent of unreported income, sources-and-uses of funds analyses, tracing of assets for supporting claims for Excluded Property.
  • Tax issues unique to the dissolution of a marriage, including advice on how to structure settlements in more complex situations.
  • Attending at settlement conferences, mediations and arbitrations.
  • Reporting of findings as prescribed by our reporting standards, and preparation of trial-ready reports.
  • Expert witness testimony.

We provide neutral and independent advice to the clients who retain us, and our goal is to achieve a reasonable and cost-effective outcome.  Most of the time, this can be done without a trial, but when this is not possible, our experts have been qualified many times to give expert testimony.  We are respected and trusted by the lawyers who retain us, and by the Courts.